SEO Or PPC Marketing – Which One Will Give Better Outcomes?

SEO and PPC both are significant strategies used under Internet Marketing concept. Both have their significance.

SEO is said to be free and organic; on the other hand, PPC is considered as paid but resulting fast activity.

This article will provide you an overall comparison between the duo along with the situations that call a particular set of action among these two.



After having a general overview of SEO and PPC, now let’s see how they compare:

Adwords works with Google Adsense i.e for Google sites and SEO is Universal. SEO rules are applicable to all search engines.    
PPC results are timely.SEO results stay for long.
Adwords traffic is PAIDSEO traffic is FREE
With PPC you can target multiple keywords in one Ad only.Under SEO you can focus 2-3 keywords at a time
Using PPC campaign means an immediate stop on traffic.The traffic will continue to come even if you miss a few days/week in your SEO campaign
With PPC campaigns it is easier to calculate the ROICalculating ROI in SEO is a bit complex as you follow multilevel SEO practices.
PPC can produce immediate results- in terms of traffic and business leadsSEO practice needs time to get your traffic and business leads.
Adwords ads appear on the top/ bottom of Google SERP’sWebsite ranking varies as per our SEO efforts. You need to work hard to be listed at the top position.
Adwords comprises of creating and running Ad campaignsSEO has so many wings- On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Content marketing, and so on.

When Is It Best To Use SEO?

SEO is essential for all business who aim to mark an online presence. Statistics prove that 80% of the relevant and targeted traffic for any website comes from the SERP results.


Undoubtedly the most powerful search engine is Google; it accumulates more than 4.5 billion searches per day. Thus the prime goal of any SEO campaign is to target google results.


Below are some legitimate situations when SEO can provide you highly beneficial results.


Long Term Results

When you look forward to fetching long term results for your website, you should choose SEO. It is globally accepted that SEO results stay for an extended period.

At the start, it may move slow, but with time and right efforts, SEO will get you consistent traffic and website ranking in Google SERP’s.


Building An authority site. 

SEO helps you get your website as authoritative in a particular niche. When it becomes an authority website; it works as “go To” preference by Google whenever any user seeks information in your niche. An authority website attracts traffic in the long term.


Restricted Resources

Although, its a myth that SEO gets your free traffic and clicks. No, SEO involves lots of time, efforts, and money. The money you need to hire some SEO specialist, Money you spend on getting content written. No doubt the amount of money involved in SEO far less than PPC campaigns.


When Is It Best To Use PPC?


Like SEO, PPC also has specific benefits. At certain times it could be beneficial to invest in a PPC campaign.

It is a proven fact that PPC can get you fast results in terms of traffic and business leads.

You need to pay for every click you get under PPC campaign. The moment you stop pouring in money, your site will stop getting traffic.

If you think your product/service can hit the market immediately then go for PPC campaign to get that fast growth.

Following are some valid reasons when it is best to go with PPC campaigns for your business.


Immediate Results

When you can’t wait and kick start your sales; PPC is the best digital marketing strategy you can count on. PPC campaigns are known for providing immediate both in terms of traffic and the business leads.

The Google Ads are placed at the top and bottom of the SERP’s. The more you bid for keywords, the more top position you get.


No Budget Constraints


Having no budget constraints for your digital marketing endeavor calls for investing in PPC. It is like buying audience and their attention. Keep investing, and you will get visitors and their queries.

But having an open hand for a budget doesn’t mean, you don’t analyze your bidding on keywords. Be wise while putting money in various PPC ad campaigns.


When You Are At The Budding Stage

Google Adword campaign are really fruitful for startups and companies you recently joined the online competition.

Though PPC will get you Paid traffic at least it will get you, visitors. The ones who are interested in your business will return. Thus will be getting returning visitors. I long run it will contribute to getting your rankings in organic google results as well.




In a nutshell, if possible, you should take both these strategies hand in hand. One one side where PPC gives you fast results; SEO can make you stable for the long term in Google SERP’s.

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