10 Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Running a good video marketing campaign could be as promising as emphasizing on any other digital marketing technique. Creating high-quality videos with strong content could do a miracle for your sales, approaching diverse markets, and targeting potential customers.

An awesome video can make your content marketing strategy a success — peculiarly if you do it right. To make your video marketing campaign a success story that others may follow in the future; you need to avoid specific mistakes.

Some commonly observed video marketing mistakes that even experts tend to make can ruin all your efforts and money. Following check out what these common ten video marketing mistakes that you should say a big “No.”

  • Ignoring CTA In Videos


Using a strong CTA increases your changes of lead and conversions. Don’t even think of neglecting CTA at the end of your video (or wherever it seems suitable.) “Call us for more details,” “Let us help you in making a choice, Call us” or “Need more help? Get in touch with us” are a few examples of CTA’s that make the user feel that you are communicating one to one with him.

  • Improper Branding in Videos


Do not underestimate the power of videos in the growth of your business. As youtube become handy to everyone. People love to see videos while traveling, in their free time or before going to bed. Make video smarty; use your business logo, tagline, and video URL wisely while creating videos. Constant exposure to logo throughout video will make an impression in the subconscious of every viewer.

  • Hiring Unprofessional Team


Are you planning to hire some untrained people for creating videos for your business? Just to save few bucks? Do you have any idea how big this could hurt your business value? Never ever mistake to consider video making job a casual one. If you are sincerely putting into video marketing; do hire some professional video developer. Your potential customers should feel like spending money on buying your product/services when they see your videos. Make them really impressive!!

  • Adding Too Many Messages


Mind it; you should not overcrowd your video with pop-ups and flashing messages. Having too many text messages on your screen will under-shade the video message. That you actually want to convey to your user. Jamming video with too many words/slogan/text will down rate the visual impact. Narrate a storyline and add elements in the right proportion.

  • Expecting Too Much From One Video


Try to focus on one goal in one video. That means your video should target one particular message. Either it should be a sales oriented video, product launch video, or discount coupon announcement video. Including too many themes/messages in your video will make it ambiguous and won’t lead your viewer to take some particular action.

  • Overlooking Video SEO Optimization


Making a good video with all required element won’t contribute much in your digital marketing efforts until you optimize your videos. SEO doesn’t just apply to the website or content of your blogs. There are specific SEO guidelines for video as well; all this comes under “Video Optimization.” Experts suggest the following basic SEO for all everything you plan to put online.

  • Improper Video Marketing strategy


As suggested before you should hire some professionals to create videos. Similarly seeks some video marketing experts’ advice to make your endeavor a success. There is no fun is investing too much time and money to create an excellent video, if you do not design and follow an appropriate video marketing strategy. What to post, when to post, whom to target, how to focus? Only an expert can guide you in the best way.

  • Ignoring Your Audience Interest


The videos should be created considering your target audience. For example, your product/services target young customers, and you are choosing serious themes and other heavy elements to create your video. This will never work despite all your efforts. You should instead use slangs, funky ideas, and some happening storyline that let your young audience relate to your product/services. In a nutshell, create what your audience love to see.

  • Ignoring other Social Media Platforms


Video marketing doesn’t mean to create and promote your videos only on youtube. You should interlink your video channel with your other social media platforms. SMO can contribute in an unexpected way to your video marketing campaign if channelized properly.

  • There are No Analysis Efforts


Creating and running video doesn’t complete your job under a video marketing campaign. You have to keep a hawk eye on your video performance. The youtube in-built analysis reports are more than sufficient to know how and what your videos are doing for you. You may also opt to use some other reliable video marketing campaign analysis. (if you have the budget)


Did we miss something? Do share your suggestions and views about this post. If you have any question or knowledge bit that we forgot to mention here; drop a message in the comment section below to let other readers also get the benefit.

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