How To Build An Impactful Video Marketing Campaign?

No one is deprived of video posting; people have well-understood the concept and trying to exploit it for personal and business benefits.


But you will get confused expressions when you ask, “what is your video marketing strategy?” The experts agree that creating and posting videos are worth as people spend one-third of their time on watching online videos. But what, how, when, and why of video marketing is something you need you to decide for running a guaranteed video marketing campaign.


According To Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2018 Survey:

  • 81% of corporate/businesses practice video marketing tool
  • 81% of people have made their purchase while getting convinced through the brand’s video.

Here we have come up with some valid points that will help you learn about “How to Build an impactful Video Marketing Campaign?” Read this post carefully to ensure you get maximum ROI from your video marketing campaign.


Set Your Campaign Goals Considering Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the prime factor that if studied well, can make any marketing campaign successful. Like any other digital marketing campaign; you should be clearly knowing – who are you targeting? While working on a video marketing campaign.

After marking your audience segment, next, you need to know what channels do they visit or prefer to visit. Investing huge in creating videos and marketing them on wrong channels will only dump your endeavor.

Another factor that you should be clear about at this stage is your goals. In other words, you should be clear about the goals you want to target through the video marketing campaign. For example, are you

  • Trying to reach more audience?
  • Trying to drive more traffic to the website?
  • Trying to generate business leads?
  • Trying to launch a new product?
  • Trying to create more brand awareness?

You need to study your customer’s needs and behavior in detail only then you can set your goals, script, voice, budget, and video marketing channels.


Create High-Quality Videos

Nothing could speak ill about your business than a shoddy endeavor for video production. To produce the right videos for your video marketing campaign, produce high-quality videos.

Never compromise on types of equipment and tools involved in creating videos. The high-quality videos are more impactful in comparison to hastily made.

If you have planned to take your video marketing campaign for long, you better can buy the required equipment as an investment. Well, if you can’t afford to buy; rent these. But mind it hire some professional to do the job for you. After all, it’s he; who will be using that equipment; his choice and consent matters.


Narrate a Storyline Not Product Promotion

Don’t emphasis on highlighting your product features, price, or benefits in the videos. The video marketing concepts better performance when working on a bigger canvas of promoting brand/business.  Study your customer’s pain points and create a storyline with the emotional aspect as how can your product/services can sooth those. If you scrutinize all Ads running on T.v; they all revolve around mother care for the child, parents care for child future and so on.  Another result oriented storyline is creating a series of ad on the same theme; this holds your Audience to watch every next video you release. To secure your business leads do add “Call to Action” at the end of every video.   

Optimize Your Videos For All Targeted Channels

Choose channels wisely to launch your video marketing campaign. As said earlier, decide on the channel mix after studying your targeting audience.  But creating and launching videos across all channels doesn’t end your job. It is vital to optimizing your videos according to each channel; you have chosen. For example:  For Facebook– Keep videos short, upload directly to the channel, and do add captions.  For YouTube– upload videos on your channel and don’t make any changes before two weeks.  To optimize your videos for various channels, you need to study every channel individually.   

Check Your Efforts

Like every other digital marketing needs test, checking, and analysis time to time; video marketing campaign also demands the same.

You can’t invest blindly in what you have created without even analyzing if it is getting you some ROI or not. 

As for display ad campaigns, A/B testing helps in figuring out what elements are working out and needs to be eliminated. The same analysis can help you figure out what is doing good and what needs to be rectified on your video marketing campaigns.

You can study some essential criteria, such as:
  • Engagement rate
  • Video View count
  • Feedback (Likes/dislike)
  • Play rate
  • Social Sharing
  • Comments 

Considering all these aspects can give you details of your every video involved in your video marketing campaign.


Considering these aspects ensure you wouldn’t fail in your video marketing endeavor at least. There could be many more suggestions. Do share your experience and knowledge in the comment section below; for creating an impactful video marketing campaign. We love to hear from our readers.

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