Best Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

The online competition is heating up with every passing year that calls for a perfect mix of SEO, EMO efforts so that you can stand out the SERP results.

In more simple words, competition in digital marketing is at its peak. So every person has to use some new ideas and ways to increase business.

As a marketer, you need to focus on business from every aspect to grow it more, and you must know how to target your audience. Whether you are running an email marketing campaign, practicing SEP, or planning to invest in paid advertising, you need to dig deep to find out the promising digital marketing tools.

In this article, we are going to explain some of the best digital marketing tools that can help you enhance your business ROI and website rankings.

The list can include random tools that may target your social media goals, search results success, or boosting your email campaigns. Each one will empower you in a way or another to take your business to the next level.

Let’s check out these magical online marketing tools. 


BuzzSumo helps you understand what type of content is best for your business. It will also let you know your competitor’s activity on social media. 

When you know about your audience, you can create the best content for them. You can see the user’s reactions to your content. This tool is beneficial for both small and large businesses. The great thing about this software is that it is all free of cost.


It is one of the largest used tools, with approximately 3,50,000 customers in more than 200 countries. GetResponse can be used for the following:

  • Track visitors behavior 
  • Conduct webinars 
  • Edit images 
  • Email automation and analytics 
  • Create landing pages 
  • Conduct online survey 
  • Use an autoresponder to match customers behavior 

It is used for all types of business platforms with an attractive user interface. It is a very effective and useful way to grow your business. GetResponse is an affordable and best platform for a good start.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the best way to grow your business through organic traffic. The rate of visitors is not the only main factor; you also have to make plans to target your audience. This can be done quickly by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics helps find: 
  • The success of your website from social media marketing
  • The country and regions your users are from. 
  • Keywords that are attracting more traffic to your website 
  • Which pages are the most popular 
  • The average duration for which people stay on your website 
This tool is beneficial for small businesses to observe every type of data related to your users. You can also know about how people are reaching your site. 


Another best online marketing tools for social media management. This tool can manage your traffic and leads from various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other common platforms.  Social media marketing is the best way to enhance your business. The most common features of this tool are: 
  • You can post your advertisement to all social media platforms within a few seconds 
  • You can schedule your social media posts for any time later 
  • You can track your interactions and engagements from your users of different platforms. 

You only have to make some decisions like when to publish your post, and the rest of the things will be automatically done with the help of Buffer. You can also rely on Buffer for email marketing.

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is the best tool for a website built on WordPress. This is the best tool for SEO available over the Internet now. When you download Yoast SEO, you will see the following taglines on its download pages:

Another best feature of Yoast SEO is Page Analysis functionality, which ensures that your page is optimized for SEO or not.

It is effortless to use Yoast SEO to boost your email marketing. It is free to use tool where you can explore many benefits. 

Hello Bar 

Hello, Bar is another leading name in the best tools to optimize your website ranking. It has more than 1,00,000 users. It has many brilliant features. Let us have a look at them:

  • Sliders 
  • Pop-Ups 
  • Templates 
  • Email collection 
  • Custom designs 
  • Top and bottom bars 

This tool promotes your website and improves your campaigns. This platform encourages people to like your social network page. It will also provide coupons and discount details to users if you are selling something on your platform.

This not the end of the story; there are a lot more options you can try your hands on, but using these can surely benefit you in achieving your goals.

There is no guarantee that the same marketing tool cab benefits all business genre, so you need to be wise enough while choosing the best fit online marketing tools for your business.  Also, you need not put your head in too many tools using one or two tools can also enhance your marketing campaign effectiveness if used correctly. 

Did we miss to name any important digital marketing tool? Share your thoughts and idea in the comment section below. 

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