Paid vs. Organic Social Media Traffic: Which One is Better?

People believe much in Digital marketing than manual marketing as a few decades back. In a way or another, this has proved to be good because these days 70% of the world look for the choices, products, services, etc. on the online platforms provided by the business organizations for them.

Digital marketing seems to be an ever-growing concept, SMO, SMM, Email marketing, content marketing collectively providing more dimensions to this and contributing in benefit of the business.  The social media canvas is continually evolving.

New social network platforms are rising to prominence resulting in increased user participation, and involvement of real-time content being posted and shared on these social media platforms are presenting a more close picture to users.

Seeing social media traffic graphs upward is one of the prime targets of any social media expert. There is a massive race for bagging more daily social media traffic, page visits, likes, shares and comments across all prominent channels.

This gave rise to the concept of paid social media campaign to generated more traffic, and now digital media promotions also have two phases which are divided into Organic Social media promotion and Paid social media promotions.

The traffic generated from both techniques is known as Organic social media traffic and Paid social media traffic. So let’s try to figure out the difference between both of them.

Today people believed much in Digital marketing than manual marketing. This is also good because these days 70% of the world look for the choices, products, services, etc. on the online platforms provided by the business organizations for them.

What Is Organic Social Media Traffic?

The traffic reached a business page without paying anything is known as Organic social media traffic. It’s is called organic because you will get natural impressions and like on your posts. The actual meaning of this is people who followed your business pages like your followers and friends are viewing your posts and liking or commenting on them.

The examples of these kinds of traffic are sharing pictures or posts on the page, sharing some news on the page, sharing customer’s experience with your organization as the post and responding to the customer’s comments and messages.

On some platforms, you can also schedule a post for a later post and many more things you can do with a post inorganic way to attract customers.

What Is Paid Social Media Traffic?

The traffic which came to see your page with the medium of paid advertisements is known as Paid social media traffic. In different platforms, these paid advertisements have different names like in Facebook paid advertisements are known as Sponsor Ads.

These ads are the boosted versions of the Organic posts. The boost option is available with all organic posts you made in social media platform which means they are asking you to pay sort of amount for more viewers and likes.

While making a sponsor ads, so many options came into existence which was not available in the organic posts like select demographic area for the targeted audience, age group of the people for the targeted traffic, etc. These make the advertisement crafting process so easy for the marketers.

Paid vs. Organic Social Media Traffic – Which Is Better?

Considering today’s bottleneck competition in online marketing; it is challenging to choose only one medium for your business traffic. Both types of traffic have their significance. If you decide to depend on one, then it will become challenging to make your business page popular among people.

But still, we have to check all the significant differences to make your choice better. So let’s take a review on the results of both types of traffics.

  • Organic promotions get organic traffic for your business which means people who are following you will always remain with you. They are not kind of temporary likes or impressions while if you will get paid impressions through paid traffic they may or may not stay with you. Some of them may follow your page, but some of them walk out they are not your granted clients.
  • Organic media is not much help to get new followers and clients for your business. People who are already following you will see the posts. But in the case of paid media traffic, you will get a chance to make new clients. More people may connect with you and ask for the service from your organizations.
  • In the case of organic media, the importance of content creation is less critical because people who are already following you will see the post whatever the content will be. But in the case of paid traffic to attract people you have to provide the creative and useful content so they can visit your page to discover more about you.


Now you know why you have to pay and where you have to pay, but the only thing is to spend wisely. The experts always advise that you have to make a strategy for mixed traffic because both types of people are essential for your business. Another thing you have to follow is to use multiplatform social media promotions. Don’t be dependent upon one social media platform try all to get the better results.

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