Top 10 SEO Tools That SEO Experts Use For Best Result

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to manage for all your online marketing endeavors including the digital marketing campaigns. Experts stamp the fact that digital marketing is being loved by many business organizations these days to attract people towards their product and services and ultimately generate more profits with social media, digital media, and other online marketing tools.

As mentioned earlier SEO is the primary and old school thought that still works as a foundation for all efforts made by experts to promote business online. But have you ever thought how SEO experts do the magic of placing your website in top Google results?

Well, no magic behind it, there is particular Google detailed guideline which SEO experts need to adhere to and have to use their experience and creativity to design a specific strategy for your website. Moreover, there are specific Free & PAID SEO tools available that contribute to efforts made by SEO experts.

This post is dedicated to describing such SEO tools which are loved by the SEO experts, and they are accommodating to keep the business growing digitally.

1. Ahrefs

This is a tool which helps SEO experts to find out the keywords for the website pages. Now from so many other available tools available why this tool is preferred? The reason behind this is when experts have to look for the keywords for a large website so many tools fail to provide the same but Ahrefs never let their clients down. They also provide keywords which exactly match with the topic of the website.

2. Google Search console or Google webmaster

Google search console let you figure out the report of your website on the Google search engine’s SERP (Search Engine Result page). This helps the SEO experts to know the factors due to which they are not getting traffic to their website and with appropriate changes, you can improve website ranking.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform which let the SEO experts know about the reputation of their website in the eyes of the targeted audience. If you connect both google analytics and search console then you can get the better picture of the reputation created by the website on the search engine.

4.  Seobility

This tool is usually used for SEO edits and available in paid as well as free versions. The tool is useful to perform four major SEO tasks. Its main and important task is to check the SEO of the website and also to recommend the necessary changes. It also helps to determine how the keywords are working for the webpages. The third main motive is to compare two web pages in terms of keywords. And the last is to check the ranking of the website.

5. Long Tail Pro

This is also a keyword search tool which comes in pro means paid version. This is a cloud-based tool which can let you help to find more appropriate long tail keywords. In the keyword search process to find long tail keywords are bit difficult instead of short tail keywords. Due to which this tool is loved by the SEO experts.

6. SEO Quake

This tool is helpful to find out the competitors of web pages for particular keywords. The tool provides very important information about the competitors which help the experts to set the level of SEO they have to make for their website. The information they show is Alexa Rank, Domain age, Google index, number of internal links, etc.

7.  LinkMiner

LinkMiner as the name describing is a tool which helps in link building. This is a free tool which also helps to find out all the broken links available on the website. It can simply tell you that is the link is working or not and then you can improve your links. They also show the links data of Facebook, DA, PA, MOZ backlinks, etc, this is the way this is so popular and useful.

8. Authority Tabs

This tool is used to track the Website’s Ranking on the search engine continuously. It provides you the ranking of the website page by page on the various search engines. The Authority tabs come with a paid version but the website is offering a 30-day trial to the new registrations. The additional feature of this tool is it also keeps track of the mobile ranking of the website.

9. Spyfu

This SEO tool is very interesting because it is providing all SEO audits in one place. You can check competitors of the web pages for various keywords. You can check the counts of the keywords being searched on the websites, clicks on the website pages on various keywords, etc. It helped you a lot in increasing the Google index of your website.

10.  Siteliner

Siteliner is a tool which helps you to find out is there any duplicate content available for your website. As we all know that Google pays attention to the content of the website very much. Duplicate content means low rank on Google. That’s why this tool is very much beneficial for SEO experts.

Did we miss any important tool? do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay connected to get more knowledge on SEO and Digital marketing.

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