Getting Certified In Advanced Excel ? What Is The Career Scope?

Excel professionals got their career opportunity because of the Microsoft Excel; this is one of the principal applications introduced by Microsoft Inc. as an integral part of MS office. It is a spreadsheet application that is used for all types of data entry jobs in a more organized way.

The Excel spreadsheet is available with an ample number of free tools including mathematical formulas, equations, formatting & sorting tools, diagrams, graphs, and other some more critical tools.

No one is deprived of the practical functionality of MS Excel; from students to corporate everyone is using excel sheets to maintain and present any data.

Have you ever heard of Advanced Excel? There are several advanced excel functions that everyone is not aware of. One need to get certified in advanced excel to learn these advanced excel functionality if you wish to become highly paid Excel professional.

What Is Advanced Excel Certification?

The real magic of excel can be experienced while working with advanced excel functionality. The basic excel allows you to perform some routine calculation, graphs, and data management jobs, whereas the advance excels operations are what fulfills any corporate needs.

Following are a few operations you can learn while pursuing an Advanced Excel program:
  • MIS reporting
  • Advance chart and bar presentation
  • Advanced Table Formatting
  • VBA and Macros
  • Graphics Tools
  • Managing Date tables
  • Advanced Mathematics Formulas
  • Simulation & solver
  • Data validation Operations
  • Working with Pivot tables & reporting

How To Get Advanced Excel Certification?

To get certified in Advanced Excel, you need to take up and clear such exams available with some accredited institutions. There are many institutes who offer “Certified Excel Professional Programs”.

All these institutes provide you required training, practice sessions and self-test modules before you appear in the final exam. Make sure you go for advanced excel certification that is globally accepted.

The training sessions provided by these institutions are thoroughly curated and proficiently developed to provide in-depth, functional knowledge and practical exposure to individuals to brush up their existing skills and mastering a new skill set

One such reputed name is “Universal Business Council“; known for providing advanced professional certifications such as Certified Excel Professional.

MS Excel- Career Scope In The USA

This field has a wide scope; in fact, every organization; which has to keep some data in their records looks for an Excel expert. No organization can deny the contribution of MS Excel and Excel professionals in their day to day data entry operations be it a private school, colleges, private corporate, government sectors, Manufacturing, trading or any other sort of industry.

Having advanced Excel certificate brightens your chance to grab a highly paid job. You can work with MNC’s, Corporate or Government bodies after getting advance to excel certification.

The organizations dealing with big data and data analysis worldwide even in the USA keep hunting for Skilled MIS professionals.

The advanced excel professionals are the best pick of these organizations to manage their vast world of data & analytics. Following are the most demanding job profiles in this niche.

  • Data Analyst
  • Metrics Specialist
  • MIS Executive
  • Analytics Specialist
  • Big Data Miner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Survey Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Big Data Engineers
  • Big Data Experts
  • Big Data Analytics Architects
  • Big Data Solution Architects

Benefits Of Getting Certified In Advanced Excel

The globally recognized Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel certification validates your technical expertise in Excel and gets you priority in any relevant recruitment process. Here are a few benefits that you can earn with this advanced excel certification:

  More Job Opportunities

Getting Advanced Excel certificate stamps you got more technical skills than others; this will get you more job opportunities in your way.

High Salaries

Experts are always highly paid, same as in this case. Companies prefer to hire certified skill employees even if they demand high salaries.

Boosted Confidence & Competence

Having a reputed and recognized certification boosts your morale and confidence. You can perform better and can significantly handle all job challenges.

Better Performance

Off course, if you know something that others in this file don’t know about, you can produce better results. Your advanced Excel skill set will assure better performance in less time.

Overall Management Skills

Advanced Excel training doesn’t focus only on making you an excel expert. It includes many modules to enhance your overall management skills so that you can grab higher positions as well.

Nutshell is, getting you MOS Excel certification is quite promising to have a dazzling career and luxurious life. A little effort can take your career to the horizon that you had never thought before. All Excel professionals are recommended to acquire this advanced Excel certification.

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