How Google Analytics Can Help Your Business?

Google Analytics is one of the best Digital Marketing tools, which is underrated by most of the users. You can check the results of campaigns in real-time and much more. It is convenient as it allows you to review and observe what is functioning well in ads.


Google Analytics abbreviated as GA used by nearly 40 million sites nowadays. Google Analytics is beneficial in providing priceless Keyword Research which is very helpful for the people having the vision to shape their business.


In this article, we have collected all the valuable benefits and the ways by which Google Analytics helps your business to grow.


To Know Which Geographical Region Brings More Customers

The basic knowledge you must have to grow your business is to see and observe where your users are from. You can develop marketing strategies when you have an understanding of your consumers.


Google Analytics has a section named acquisition where you can get a detailed report of your users’ location. You have to create the campaigns and promotions of your product according to the requirements of the specific regions. This will attract new customers and also help in retaining the older.


To Understand Which Channels Customers Came From

Another critical aspect is knowing what your customers and users are using to reach you.


Google Analytics is an expert in accomplishing this task. It will also let you know whether you have a lot of mobile traffic or traffic by other means. If there is more mobile traffic investing in a mobile app, it makes sense.


Let us take an example, suppose you opened a store, and you don’t know about technology and marketing strategies you needed to subsidize your Digital Marketing. Then how can you grow your business? The answer is simple: you must understand the source of visitors. 

Creating And Tracking Effective Campaigns

You always need to generate more attractive campaigns to acquire more customers. As a business always try to draw the attention of your customers towards you. Create the best campaigns that quickly reaches the customers.


Creating and analyzing UTMs can make this analysis happen for you. Urchin Tracking Module, a method that permits users to tag/add hyperlinks in campaigns, so that they can trace; from where the visitors originated.

  It can help you understand the following:  
  • How much traffic your campaigns got
  • How many conversions and sales leads you achieved
  • What was the ROI generated by each campaign you ran?

You can create email marketing campaigns to target some specific customer segments. What you have to do is to track the emails that bring customers for you. Then you have to design an email of that particular type.


The fabulous tool, Google Analytics, can quickly track all your campaigns. 


How Long People Stay On Your Platform

You must know how much time people spend on your website. Maintaining traffic along with attracting people through different campaigns is also very important.   

There is a term that is used mostly that is bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of individuals leave your website after one page. All the things like time on site and time on page can be easily checked through Google Analytics. 


If the bounce rate is more and visitors are not staying, then you have to modify your website to attract more visitors to achieve your goals.


Effective Search Terms 

You have to understand the search terms, which brings customers to your site. This can be only possible if you are active on Google. And the activity or visibility can be increased by doing proper Keyword Research

Google Analytics helps you in creating the right keywords for your website by which more visitors attracted.   

Let’s suppose you opened an online store for apparel. Then keywords like best clothesmen’s clothing, etc. are common and unable to attract more customers. You can use keywords like party wear clothes, best price clothes and more to obtain more traffic. 


Your Competition

Google Analytics provides you with a general viewpoint of how you are doing and where you stand. But it has some limitations as well, as all the competitors may not use the Google Analytics tool, then the data may not be 100% accurate.

But for any small to middle-level business house, Google analytics is more than sufficient to analyze its digital marketing endeavour.  

Google Analytics will provide you with the knowledge of whether your website is attracting more people than your competitors or not. This will be helpful for you to determine where you need to make changes in email marketing campaigns


Your Compatibility With Browsers

Compatibility is another crucial aspect you have to keep in mind while developing your website. You have the aim to attract every user, and for this, you have to create your website in such a manner that it is easily accessible by most of the users.


From the current data, chrome dominates all the other web browsers. It shares 60% of the total worldwide market. But you have to check for your visitor’s browser. Think they are using a browser other than chrome and if your platform is friendly only with chrome may reduce your traffic.


Which Social Media Platform To Target 

Social media plays a significant role in Digital Marketing. Social Media are known to attract a large number of individuals. What you need to know is which social media platform brings more customers to you. As social media advertising is expensive, so you only need to target some specific sites. 


Google Analytics will also help you in this regard. You can check for how many people are discussing you, and it will show you all the data and reports of your visitors.


Concluding Words


In Nutshell; depending upon Google analytics is not a bad deal at all, especially for small to middle-level businesses. If you are any global brand and don’t want to get affected with nay loose ends than you can also opt. To go for some other paid analytics tools like SEM Rush, Moz and there are a lot of many available.


But as far Google Analytics is concerned it rocks!! And favoured by millions of online marketing gurus.

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