5 Best Keyword Research Tips For 2019

Keyword Research is a foundation part of any SEO campaign. No SEO strategy can work if you do not take keyword research and analysis job seriously. Whether you are an SEO specialist or planning to do SEO for your business website. You can’t overlook or jump the keyword analysis and research part.

Here is we have come up with five bright ideas that will help you to complete your keywords research endeavor successfully. Although there are various SEO related Free and Paid tools available to boost your SEO efforts, you have to follow some basic principles.

So here are some primary keyword research strategies/ideas that worked since ages and will continue working till the SEO concept lasts. Following let’s check out what these keyword research ideas are:

Understand Your Business

Whether you are doing keyword research for your own business or working on some client project. You first should have a clear idea about what exactly the company is serving to its client. For example, you can’t pick jewelry keywords for some garment manufacturing client.

You should start with a broad search and then narrow down your search to choose keywords that precisely define your business. Such as there could be a different set of keywords for an artificial jewelry online store and a brand selling gold, diamond jewelry.

Every keyword contributes to SEO results and all efforts you put in for digital marketing campaign of any business. So pick up your keywords wisely.

Put Your Feet In Customers Shoe

Do not just go by your idea only. The SEO experts suggest you need to think like a customer. For example, if you need to explore some diamond bracelet for your mom’s upcoming bday. What will you type in google? Thinking from your potential customer’s mind help you to generate more related and generic keywords.

List down all such keyword idea with you. Then analyze these keyword ideas in google tools to get a more accurate report card of these. Google will give you detail about how these are performing in the search engine. This will help you in selecting the keywords with high monthly hits to get more traffic on your website.

Use Keywords Analysis Tools

What could be best than Google Keyword Planner when doing keyword research work. If you notice, all SEO specialist rely much on tools provided tools running SEO, digital marketing, or even content marketing. You can also go for other keyword research and analyzing tools like SEO Moz, KWFinder, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Ubbersuggest, and the list goes on. But SEO experts believe that its good idea to work with Google tools only. Check for the search volumes, and a competition faced by every keyword before picking it up for your project. The experts suggest spending enough time in keywords research and analysis job, instead of finalizing keywords in a hurry.

Don’t Ignore Competitor Keywords

The entire SEO concept moves around eradicating your competitors from the google searches and get yourself placed. But for that, you should be well-aware about the top keywords that your competitors rank for. So without Competitor’s keywords analysis, your SEO strategy is incomplete.

Various 3rd party SEO tools help you to make an in-depth competitor’s keyword analysis. One such popular tool is SEMrush’s Position Tracker; some others are BuzzSumo, Spyfu, and Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

Most of these tools will also show you keywords list that your competitors are using in Google Adwords campaign along with the organic keywords list. This will provide you a better idea of your competitor’s keyword strategy.

On-going Job

One common mistake that novice SEO specialist make is considering Keyword research as one time job. No, it is not a one-time job; keyword research is an ongoing job. That doesn’t mean you keep adding keywords in your prime target list every second day.

The experts suggest creating a secondary target list along with your focused keywords top target list. To grab more customers and market share, one should also keep adding some seasonal keywords as well. Every business/industry has specific special days/occasion/days that provide more opportunities to generate business. For example, for a jewelry brand; a wedding season can produce more sales opportunity.

You should study your project in deep and do your keyword search and analysis well before the time. So that when the time arrives your website should rank at the top for those specific season keywords.

In a nutshell, take your keyword research and analysis job very wisely. It is not any casual concern; excellent or bad keywords can get you placed at top positions in google results or can even make you lost in the online world. A well-executed SEO strategy can provide a stable base for your further SMO, digital, or also content marketing efforts. It is a very comprehensive and consistent task that can define the future of your online existence.

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