Effective SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Search Traffic

SEO is an ever going marathon. Everyone is running at their best to stay ahead. But there is a catch. There are certain techniques to make your SEO efforts super effective.

1. Improve The CTR Of Top Your Top-Ranking Pages

To enhance the Click Through Rate (CTR), you will need a new title tag. The title tag is an HTML element that tells a web page what your title is. You need to write a title tag to get the attention of people and increase the click on your page.

For a killer title tag, you have to add Keywords and certain power words, brackets.

2. Optimize The Speed of Most Important Pages

You can achieve better speed by reducing the size of your images, removing unnecessary videos, and allow browser caching. Also, to optimize your website speed, you can use Google Page Speed Insights tools.

3. Refresh Content 

A content audit is mandatory for old content. Identify content pages with decreasing traffic and update them. Update the content to make changes that will drive more traffic.

You can add relevant, high-ranking keywords. Regularly rewrite content that is getting old.

4. Identify The Content Gaps

If your page is ranking for a certain topic, then there are chances that it will also rank high for other related keywords, and subtopics. Therefore, the trick is to cover everything about one topic with detail and include all possible subtopics. This will serve you well in the long term for improving the ranking and direct more traffic to the page.


5. Take Links From OutdatedPages that are Still Ranking

Identify pages that are still ranking despite having outdated content. There are many third-party tools can identify pages with outdated content for a given set of keywords. Once these filters and the keyword you had input show up results, you can check every page to find weak content pages manually. First, check the backlinks report for that page. Contact the administrator of each of these websites, and offer them a better option for backlinks.

6. Interlink Intelligently 

Use inter-linking smartly to boost page performance on search engines. The more internal link leads to the higher the Page-rank will be. Add internal links from high DA and PA websites and contextually relevant pages, to give a boost. This can certainly help them come up in organic google search.

7. Fix the Broken Backlinks

If there are Broken inbound links from other sites, then you need to fix them by relinking them. It may occur because you deleted or shifted a page with backlinks, you could redirect the broken page to a new location.

8. Target the Featured Snippets

Features snippets are used by Google to show a full or partial answer to any query made by the user. This is shown in the search results page, and the searcher does not have to click on any of the links on the page to see the information.

In short, featured snippets are giving a tough competition for clicks to even #1 page. So how should you target the snipped? Pages that rank on page one of Google has a better chance of getting the Snippet.

Try to figure out why someone else’s content is chosen by google for Snippet and try to analyze if your content isn’t in the format that searchers want to see.

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