How To Keep A Tab On Your Competitor’s Keywords?

Keywords are the building blocks of any online marketing or digital marketing campaigns. Keyword research and analysis is quite a time consuming and critical job; if taken seriously.


If the keywords chosen by you are not right, then you will not get what you want from your online endeavours. To go the extra mile for having a bunch of fruitful keywords; you should look into the keywords that your competitors are using.


This provides you with detailed insight into their online promotion strategy. If you think your competitor is a business giant in your niche the what is he up to?


May be working on same keywords can get you benefited too. To do this job easily; there are various online free or paid tools available. In this article, we will discuss multiple tools; that you can use to keep a tab on the keywords of your competitors.


1. Use Google Planner

Google keyword planner is one of the most versatile tools as far as keyword analysis is concerned. It shows all the keyword suggestions along with the keyword density and all other necessary information related to the keyword.

There are so many different ways available in Google keyword planner by which you can search for competitors keywords. Moreover, you can choose better keywords while keeping an eye on your competitor’s choice.

The following are the various services provided by google keyword planner

  • Find your keywords
  • Get metrics and forecast for your keywords.
  • span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Filter and Sort the results.
  • Show average monthly search
  • Show keyword density

 2. SpyFu

The tools name is presenting its function. With spuFu, you will have a complete outline of your competitors’ keywords. The beginning is straightforward; you need to enter your competitor’s URL into the search box. From that point, you can download their keywords and choose how to use the information in future for benefits.


One thing you’ll notice is the profitability of the information given by SpyFu; you can use them in a better way. You’re likewise given data, for example,

  • Evaluated month to month SEO clicks
  • Paid keywords
  • Top natural competitors

3.  Keywords Spy

KeywordSpy keeps on developing as an efficient tool because of its simple interface, exact information, and easy to use features.

When you search for information in this tool; it will provide you results of many competitors’ keywords. Besides, it will also provide information on competitor’s PPC campaigns, Ad practice, or methods they are using.


KeywordSpy isn’t as strong as SpyFu, but the outcomes of this tool are exact and most reliable, which make this tool a must to use the tool.

4.  BuzzSumo

For digital marketers, it’s mostly the ideal competitor’s keyword search tools for looking for competitors keywords. The analysis functionality of BuzzSumo tool makes it different from other competitor searching tools.

For instance, most digital marketers know about Moz.

They produce extraordinary results, build up their suite of amazing websites, and furthermore lay on a quite incredible yearly analytics, as well.

If you own a blog or publishing some SEO related content, then you must use this tool. It will help you to know how you can beat your competition by choosing keywords from their campaigns. You can further efficiently use these keywords to make your digital marketing strategies.

5.  SEM Rush

Our next most useful tool is SEM Rush, a reliable full package of keyword research tools. This can help you to recognize the competitor’s keywords and marketing strategies rapidly and effectively.

 You can look by keyword or URL, produce results by geological maps or region or nation, figure out the range of keywords used by PPC campaigns, and analyze targeted audience information of all the competitors.


SEM Rush is also capable of providing results in multiple languages so that the user will not find any difficulty in understanding the matter. This feature of SEMRush makes it unique and most loveable tool worldwide.


Besides using the keyword analysis tools; there are certain practices that you should do to keep an eye on your competitor’s performance. Following check out the list for same.

  • Explore the broad match or LSI keywords that your competitor is ranking for and not you.

  • Keep an eye on his high-ranking content for particular keywords.
  • Follow your competitors on social media and note the hashtags are they are using.

  • Track competitor’s keyword overlap to improve your content ideas for the future.

  • Set up google alerts to get notification about whenever your competitor post something new. You will get updates to report about what they are posting and what keywords are their prime focus.


Hopefully, you have got enough idea about how to keep an eye on your competitor’s keywords. Now you are all ready to beat them with better research and keyword choices. If you want to share some more exciting tricks, then feel free to share in the comments section.

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