Tips To Create The Most Effective Google Ads

Undoubtedly the experts have witnessed some of the most remarkable paid marketing success stories over the Google AdWords. It is one of the most assuring digital marketing platforms in tech history. Google AdWords has become successful because of the fact that it is considered as the most cost-effective paid advertising channel for companies of all sizes. 


Everyone from a home run bakery to giant corporations is exploiting Google Adwords to make profits. But mind it operating a productive AdWords campaign demands intelligent brains. You can’t merely throw an amount say $1000 or $5,000 and expect to get assured business leads. Instead, you need to invest time and intelligence to do your homework and leverage AdWords tools the get benefited as expected. 


A successful Google Ad campaign can be defined as the right mix of the various element, i.e., Ad copy, Design, and layout, landing page, money CPC, and timings. Every element counts in creating an effective and productive campaign, but this article is dedicated to “How to Create The Most Effective Google Ads?” Read this article carefully to learn various tips on creating the most useful Google Ads


Understand Google Adwords First


Money matters when it comes to Google Adwords. So make sure you understand what you are going to work with. Investing money means you should get a good ROI in returns.

Thus creating or writing Ad copy for just brand awareness or highlighting product features doesn’t seem to be realistic targets.  Write Ad copies that focus on generating business leads, or something that can accelerate your sales instead of just mentioning about product or business.

Once you achieve your prime goal, you can also use these format of Ad copy as well.


Choose Keywords Wisely

The entire online world revolves around the keywords; no one can deny this fact. And when it comes to investing money for brand promotion or sales via Adwords, then it becomes more important to choose your keywords wisely.

Some AdWords experts tend to pick up keywords randomly, just getting an idea of business product and services. But this hassle-pastel work will never give your fruit. Specific keywords if patched up correctly in google Ads can produce unexpectedly good results.


Exploit every possible Available Ad Content


For Text Ads; Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) have been proven a bliss. It has made a substantial impact on Google AdWords. An elaborative Ad copyholds high potential to result effectively in generating sales. If you are emphasizing on text ads; don’t miss out any field.

  • Write effective Title
  • Headings including H1, H2
  • Provide location and more information in Path fields.
  • Add appropriate/final Landing page URL
  • An attractive, relevant, and informative text in the “Description” field.

Always use the First Voice, “YOU.”

While writing any Ad copy; mind it to use the first voice tone instead of second or thirds. Let your audience feel its a one-to-one interaction between you and him.

A feel of personalization increases the chances of high CTR and business leads. Mentioning “you” instead of “our customers” will make your audience feel more critical psychologically. They will feel like clicking and reading your Ad with interest.

Moreover, mentioning customers pain points with direct address will develop the chance when the customer can relate his needs/problems with the solution being provided by you.


Write 3 Ad copies at a time.


Always write Ad variations. Create three Ad copies; following see what these should be about:

  • Focusing on product highlights
  • Focusing on business/brand
  • 3rd to highlight some USP

Along with the prime message, you can also add some social message or something you think can get your audience connected with you. Running these three Ad copy variations will let you know :

  • Which concept is more acceptable to your audience.
  • What they feel more close to
  • what they would like to listen
  • what they respond more positive too

Doing all this can further help you to streamline your Adword campaigns.  Following this concept; you would be having a clear idea about what Ad copy you should be writing for your audience.


Use “Power words” to attract users.


Google Adword experts have studied and collected a group of words that impacts user psychology. These are also termed as “Power Words” in the digital marketing world.

Some of these words are “You,” “Click,” “Try,” “Grab,” and so on. All of these words will encourage users to click on your ads if used appropriately in your Ad copy.

Most of the people have the wrong idea about paid advertising that they are doing it for their business. No, you are doing it for your audience/customers. If you succeed in getting your customer’s attention; the chances of sales, revenue, and brand awareness will definitely grow.

While writing Google Ad copy focus on your customer needs and write accordingly.  


Hope you got a fresh perspective on writing creative google Ad copy for your next PPC campaign. For any other tips; that you would like to share with our audience, comment below. Keep Reading!! Keep Growing!!

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