How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing effectively?

With time the myth has broken that LinkedIn is a   digital media platform that helps professionals only to grow their network and career. Gone were the days when it was beneficial to individuals only.


The last few years have witnessed corporates growing and getting good ROI while investing their time and efforts on Linkedin to promote their business.


Using LinkedIn can help you get followers, audience, and customers that ultimately grow your business in monetary or online presence terms.


Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where people spam your newsfeed with forwarded and sometimes irrelevant stuff; LinkedIn is known to be more of a professional social network.


Having a different interaction face with audience LinkedIn marketing demands some special tacts to be followed. You need to be intelligent and expert enough to understand how it works.


This post will help you to scrutinize the LinkedIn marketing deep and learn how you can use it effectively to grow your business. Following check out some LinkedIn marketing tested and tried suggestions that worked for many other companies. Hopefully, these will work for you as well.


LinkedIn Company Page


Create and work out on your LinkedIn Company page. Consider your LinkedIn Company Page as your business’s overview of the LinkedIn platform. The Company Page should offer sufficient information for potential customers to know in detail about your company.

  • Associate as many as your company employees with this page.
  • Provide details of your product/services.
  • Post relevant content that makes complete sense to your business.
  • Add the right banner image and logo.
  • Post career opportunities to attract relevant people.
  • Publish articles and post updates to keep your page LIVE.

Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn could be really fruitful as far as digital marketing is concerned.


Optimize your Company Page

Creating your brand page on LinkedIn doesn’t end your job. When it comes to digital marketing, you need to optimize everything you create. The rule also applies to LinkedIn company’s page; optimize it for search results.

  • Add relevant keywords
  • Add proper content
  • Link your official web pages or blogs
  • Consider trending topics while updating the post.

Your prime goal should be to get an eye of the audience who look for product/services you are offering. A well-optimized company page on Linkedin can help you in getting exposed to potential customers.

Like every other social media platform; LinkedIn also has its algorithm that works while people search anything on this platform.


Create Personal LinkedIn Profiles

We know the topic of discussion here is to use LinkedIn for business growth but who runs the business? People, right? Creating personal profiles and link them to your company’s page on Linkedin will add authenticity to it.    People visiting your company page can see and explore more about the CEO, marketing head, salesperson of your business that will make them feel more close and clear about your business.  

The personal profiles will create an impression in user’s mind about what type of people are running the business.


Take Advantage of LinkedIn Communities

Except for profile pages, you can also be part of LinkedIn groups and influencers to enhance your business.

You can either go for creating a new group or can join any existing ones.  

The groups help you to share similar interests with your audience; it also helps you to stay updated with what’s going on in your client’s mind.


On the other hand, LinkedIn Influencers empowers you to connect with other reputed thought leaders. The Influencers could be any public face or any lesser-known experts.


They can help in promoting your posted content to millions of their followers. Commenting and sharing their post updates can get you exposed to their audience.


Add followers to Your Page

There is no harm in sending direct messages or invitations to like and follow your page; unless you are not overdoing it. Receiving a request to follow any page once in the inbox won’t annoy anyone much.


Start with making your employees, friends, and family be your initial followers. Further, they can share your page and post in their network; finally getting you more exposure and followers.

  • Participate in groups.
  • Comment/Like on the relevant post
  • Upgrade your membership
  • Invest in Paid Ads.
  • Be responsive to queries/comments.
  • Interact one to one with your audience.

However, adding the “Follow” button on your blog or website page will also enhance the chances of getting more followers.


Final Words


After reading this post; if you think it’s not your cup of tea, then hiring a LinkedIn professional is the best idea. But in no away, you can decide to ignore or take LinkedIn marketing casual. With a need of having online existence to stay in the competition; leveraging Linkedin marketing is a must for your business.

For any other suggestions or doubts; you can drop a comment in the provided section below. A healthy discussion can make us, and you explore new ways to workout LinkedIn marketing in some more dramatic (possible) ways.

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