New Trends In Content Marketing

Whether you are a digital marketing expert or handling your brand website and social media; you need to be serious about the content you post.


Undoubtedly, content is the lifeline of the existing digital and social media universe. Be it product descriptions, web pages, social media post, or short stories; it’s all about how influential you are in your words.

Content is the locus point of connection between your business and your audience. This is the only thing that can make your audience to think about the product/service you are offering them.


In this post, we have elaborated on a few latest trends in content marketing.


Align Your Content Strategy

Posting original content can’t alone win the bet for you. With new prevailing online marketing competition, you need to align your content with your business goals. The series of content you post in your blog should seem like a script being followed.


Streamline your idea of writing, that influence your audience while convincing them to take some action required to achieve your ultimate business goal.


Gone are the days when you can think of getting business benefits by just posting on social media profiles. The lazy marketers need to buckle up and fasten their belts to put more into content strategy now.


Tie-up with content Influencers

You need not choose and hire any public face as a brand ambassador for you when it comes to digital marketing. Finding and joining hand with micro-influencer over the internet is an excellent way to spread your content and get your business to expose to more public.


For any local business, any local influencer (Paid or free) can do wonders in promoting your posted content. Sharing of your post, blog, article or any other piece of information by your employees and other associates works as an active marketing channel.


Associating with the right influencer person/agency could be game-changer and is the fastest way to spread brand awareness and to get a broader audience.


Celebrate the Diversity of Content

Most of your prime keywords might be saturated and if it is difficult to rank high for those keywords. Your competitors have been posting around those keywords since ages.


Try to refine your focus and address particular product/service to influence your readers instead of focusing on providing them with an overview of your business.


For example, you can write individual posts on teenager wristwatches, women range and men range (of course if you are in this business). You get better chances to stand out in SERP’s for “teenager wristwatches” in comparison to “Wristwatches.”


Consider the Voice Search Trend

While Alexa, google assistant, and Siri made their foray; the search canvas has got new hues. The voice search is getting adapted by people with every passing day.


This is has made many digital experts re-think about current strategies they are working with. The voice search concept calls for using more natural and straightforward language. When someone asks Siri to give the weather report or data about the best available shoe brand; he/she will speak in a layman language.


So it is evident that as a content writer/marketer, you need to shift your writing style to more casual and frank language.


Stick to the Original words

If you are into digital marketing even for a few months now; you need not be advised that you have to post the original content. The search engine bots are way smarter than you can ever imagine. Any plagiarism or copy-paste content can dig you deep in the search results, and in a real scenario, it can get your website/blog panelized.


Whether you are targeting Google, yahoo, bing, or any other local search engine;  writing original content is first condition everywhere. Moreover, if you can’t speak about your brand, then there is no use of developing website and dreaming of your virtual existence.


Don’t be part of those lazy marketers group; who practice the copying viral headlines. It’s no more than befooling yourself.


Follow Storytelling Concept

Be consistent in your content posting. Gone are the days when randomly, you can post any updates. It is a good idea to post your content in the series. You next and the previous post all together should seem to be following a storyline.

Some corporate launch a new storyline and keep posting their blogs, video, and other social media content in the same theme. After some time or while finishing with one story, they finalize the script for another story and promote their brand/ products accordingly.


Following a concept in installments also binds your audience. The visitors/users stay tuned to your blogs, videos, and social media pages in excitement to check out what’s coming next.


Final Verdict

In a nutshell, if you want to win over your audience; you strictly have to be best in your content strategy.

Focus on developing content based on your customer data. Try to fulfil your audience needs so that they feel compelled to stay stick to your posts.

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